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Our mission is to make life more delicious, healthy, honest, and fun by helping small farms succeed. 

We believe that small farms are the foundation of a food system that supports healthy communities, economies, and environments. Small farms also produce the not-so-secret ingredient that makes our Bloody Marys Brilliant: fresh tomatoes grown with intention and care.
We're grateful for the opportunity to work with a growing network of farmers and food system organizations in Virginia and beyond. Here are a few of the faces behind your favorite cocktail.
Old Tavern Farm
The Bryant Family - Quinton, VA

John Bryant has built Old Tavern Farm around the use of sustainable and regenerative growing practices. John started farming as a small child, and he loved accompanying his grandfather and great uncle and learning how to grow row crops, produce, and raise hogs. Today, the farm produces a diversified mix of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, and free-range pork and chicken. 


For Back Pocket, Old Tavern Farm produces a mix of more than ten varieties of heirloom tomatoes. In the 2020 growing season, John’s growing us Caiman variety tomatoes for the first time, so grab a bottle of mix from Old Tavern’s farm store and let us know what you think.

Double H Farm
The Avagyan Family - Wingina, VA​

On their diversified farm in Wingina, VA in Nelson County, Double H Farm raises Berkshire pork, lamb, free-range eggs, organically-grown vegetables, and other seasonal offerings on their 32 picturesque acres. 

The farm is home to the Avagyan family: Ara and Gayane, their daughter Ludi, and their son, Samson. They came from Armenia to Nelson County in 2004, and have since become a fixture of the Central Virginia agriculture and restaurant communities. 

We put their sweet and flavorful Big Beef and other greenhouse-grown heirloom tomatoes to work in our mixes - that is, if we haven’t snacked on them all first.

Shine Farms
Jes Carr & Nicole Broder - Richmond, VA​

With a tagline like “Diversified Produce + Awesome Energy,” Shine Farms is brimming with good vibes and great food. Woman-powered and based outside Richmond, Jes Carr and Nicole Broder grow diversified vegetables using organic, regenerative agricultural practices with an emphasis on preserving and enriching the environment.

Shine Farms gets a head start on the growing season by growing tomatoes in tunnel greenhouses and fields, including heirloom varieties like sweet Cherokee Purple and one of their favorites, the massive Granny Cantrell.

Photo by Shine Farms

Whisper Hill Farm
The Hammond Family - Scottsville, VA

Whisper Hill Farm is located in idyllic Scottsville, VA, near Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Together with their dynamic team, Holly and James Hammond grow certified organic plants, vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. The very productive 4 acres they lease are part of a 1,200 acre certified organic farm bordered by pastures and woodland. 


Whisper Hill Farm is committed to sustainable, USDA-certified organic practices. All their crops are grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or GMOs, and they enrich their soil and land with compost, hay mulch, crop rotation, and cover cropping. Thinking about it fosters new appreciation and gratitude for an ice-cold, farm-fresh Bloody Mary!

Photo by Whisper Hill Farm

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