Catbird Vahotcha Sriracha

If sriracha is your go-to hot sauce, then then we have a treat for you. Spicy and full of rich fermented flavors, Vahotcha Sriracha from Catbird Sauce Co. is the perfect addition to a Bloody Bangkok (or, you know, whatever else you're eating.) Here's Catbird's founder, Chef Bridget Meagher, telling you a little about the sauce in her own words:


"We start with habaneros and jalapeños, grown on our Catbird Hill Farm. Put into mash with pure vinegar and a small amount of organic sugar, garlic and sea salt before fermenting and aging to sriracha perfection. Our process imparts distinctive notes, well-balanced flavor, and concentrated heat. This sauce is pure magic and pure pepper - no added vegetables or juices to extend the sauce or dilute the flavor. This product is low in calories, gluten free, preservative free, and vegan/vegetarian."


Ingredients: jalapeño peppers, vinegar, cider vinegar, habanero peppers, organic sugar, garlic, sea salt, natural citrus extract

Catbird Vahotcha Sriracha

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