Catbird Worcestershire Sauce

This rich, fruity, and decadent Craft-Brewed Worcestershire sauce from Catbird Sauce Co. will blow your mind. We know firsthand; it blew our minds, which is why it's now a critical ingredient in Bloody Blue Ridge.  We like to add a little to our Bloody Brilliant when nobody is looking - just don't tell Lea or Perrin. 


Here's more on Catbird's Craft-Brewed Worchestershire sauce from the company's founder, Chef Bridget Meagher: "When gluten free miso and artisan tamari replace anchovy for umami, and fair trade spices and our Catbird Vahotcha inject the zing, you get concentrated richness and flavor-boosting potential in a plant-based, gluten free elixir. This savory, mouth-watering, stand-alone Worcestershire Sauce is fast becoming a pantry staple for many serious cooks in addition to vegetarians and vegans. Try in salad dressings, Bloody Marys, drizzled on your favorite grains and greens or swirled in butter to take your steak to the next level."


Ingredients: vinegar, tamari sauce, onion, molasses, organic sugar, spices, sea salt, mustard seeds, miso, tamarind, garlic, Vahotcha hot sauce, curry powder.


Catbird Worcestershire Sauce

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