Dayum This Is My Jam Psycho Diller

Get your garnish groovin' with these 16oz Psycho Diller dill pickle spears from Richmond's Dayum This Is My Jam.


Founder and Chief Jamming Officer Andy Waller leads this Queer and Trans-owned jam, salsa, and pickle company out of the kitchen of the Lakeside Farmers Market. They make these dill pickles using cucumbers sourced from local farmers that come to the market each week. 


They also help coordinate the Safe Space Market at Lakeside every other Friday from 5-8pm to help support, celebrate and promote the visibility of RVA’s Black, Queer, Trans, Indigenous, and other marginalized makers, artists, and small business owners.


To grab more of their great products, visit their website, stop by Safe Space Market every other Friday, or visit the Lakeside Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am-Noon.

Dayum This Is My Jam Psycho Diller