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Our mission is to make life more delicious, healthy, honest, and fun by helping small farms succeed. 

Back Pocket Provisions is a social enterprise. That means that while we're a for-profit company, we make decisions about how we work based on furthering our mission, not just increasing our margin. 

We believe that small farms are the foundation of a food system that supports healthy communities, economies, and environments. However, corporate farming and the industrial food system are making it harder than ever before to make a living as an American farmer. 

We can't solve that problem ourselves. But we can live our mission in our own community, and we're committed to building a network of values-aligned businesses that can all act locally to build collect impact.

Our products, services, strategies, and culture are designed around our shared company values.

Land stewardship: we're obsessed with the outdoors personally and professionally. We prioritize working with farmers using sustainable practices and support organizations protecting and regenerating our natural resources.

Inner beauty: we love ugly produce. By sourcing delicious-but-aesthetically-imperfect ingredients from our farmers, we increase their profitability by creating a dependable local market for their harvest.

Food culture: eating and drinking is what brings us together and makes us happy. That's important. We design recipes that are inspired by food traditions locally and around the world, and support independent restaurants and retailers that feed their communities. 


Radical transparency: we believe in honest communication with our customers, our suppliers, our staff, and our community. We're trying to do business differently, which means we ask a lot of questions and always share our notes.

Creative collaboration: food is a dynamic system, not a monolith. We pursue the opportunity to work intentionally and creatively with organizations of all shapes and sizes in pursuit of a new food system that works better for everyone.

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