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Double H Farm

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Meet our long-time partners at Double H Farm! Theirs is an empowering success story. The diversified farm in Wingina, VA is home to Ara and Gayane Avagyan, their daughter Ludi, and their son Samson. Double H raises heritage Berkshire pork, lamb, free-range eggs, organically grown vegetables, and other seasonal offerings on their 32 picturesque acres.

Ara and Gayane Avagyan were mentored by original farm owners Jean Rinaldi and her partner Richard Bean. Richard was a champion of small farmers, known for selling produce out of his signature yellow dome-roofed van.

Jean and Richard ran the farm until Richard’s passing in 2013. Read more about them here. While learning from Richard and Jean, Ara and Gayane - who immigrated from Armenia in 2004 - navigated the complicated route to American citizenship for their family of four.

We put Double H's sweet and flavorful Big Beef and other greenhouse-grown heirloom tomatoes to work in our mixes - that is, if we haven’t snacked on them all first.

Double H Farm has long been a community fixture, keeping many Charlottesville and Nelson County restaurants and farmer’s markets well-stocked with their bountiful harvest. Learn more about their farm, including how to order and which markets they attend, by visiting their Instagram and Facebook page.

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