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  • Will Gray

Loaded up, Richmond-style.

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Most of the time, we keep our Bloody Marys simple. But this is not most of the time. After a stressful week of COVID-19 management, we're ready to have a have a little fun. Here goes:

Cocktail Ingredients:

- Thai basil salt rim by Hummingbird Gardens - 2oz vodka (we're pouring Cirrus Vodka) - 1oz orange juice (because we're out of limes) - 0.5oz MOTHER shrub lime shrub (you could omit if you're NOT out of limes, by why?) - 4-6oz Bloody Brilliant (or whatever fills your glass)


- 4P Foods fresh celery stuffed with Southbound pimento cheese

- Autumn Olive Farms piggy two ways: pork rinds by Southbound and kielbasa from Cardinal State Butchers

- Did I mention we're out of limes? If we weren't they'd be there too.


Wash your hands. Coat your glass with OJ, then dip it in salt. Fill halfway with ice. Combine vodka, the remaining OJ, and shrub, then top up with Bloody Brilliant. Then, get busy loading up your glass with garnishes (to which Smitty is helpfully pointing).

Be safe, support local businesses, and have a Bloody Brilliant weekend!

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