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  • Will Gray

Not quite a Bloody Molly.

First of all, let's be clear on a couple of things:

1) It's not St. Patrick's Day. Fair point, but also, these Irish variations on the classic Bloody Mary are delicious year round.

2) KO Distilling's Wheat Whiskey is not Irish Whiskey. Also a fair point. However, it is delicious. If you want to keep it classic, go for Jameson.

3) Some people don't mix Guinness in their Bloody Molly (including Jameson's recipe), while others don't add whiskey (including Guinness' recipe). Understood... but ridiculous. Of course you want both whiskey and Guinness in this cocktail.

So: this probably isn't a Bloody Molly. But this not-Bloody-Molly is exactly what you need to be drinking right now.

This marvelous cocktail combines elements of a Bloody Mary, a boilermaker (a beer fortified with a shot of whiskey), and a black and tan (in which beers of different densities are layered on top of each other). The result is a tasty, easy-drinking porch cocktail that also packs a serious punch.

Our cast of characters:

(not included in the photo: some extra Worcestershire sauce from Catbird Sauce Company, and smoky steak seasoning salt from Ragged Branch Distillery)


  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

  • 1 tablespoon Ragged Branch Distilling Smoked Stave Steak Seasoning (or sub another steak seasoning or peppery dry rub)

  • 2oz KO Distilling Bare Knuckle Wheat Whiskey (or sub Irish whiskey, or your brown liquor of choice)

  • 4oz Bloody Brilliant

  • 2-3 shakes of Catbird Worcestershire Sauce

  • 1 pint Guinness

  • Lemon wheel, for garnish


1) Put an empty pint glass in the freezer to chill. Once cold, dip the lip of the glass in the lemon juice and roll it through the steak seasoning to coat. Fill the glass halfway with ice.

2) Add the whiskey and the Bloody Brilliant to the glass and stir gently to chill. Add a few shakes of Worcestershire. Yes, Bloody Brilliant already has Worcestershire in it -- but since we're going to be mixing in a beer, a little extra umami won't hurt.

3) Tilt the glass to a forty-five degree angle (don't spill!), and gently pour the Guinness down the side, straightening the glass as you fill it. Once the cocktail is full, pour the remaining Guinness into a second glass.

4) Garnish the cocktail glass with a lemon wheel. You can stir to combine, or leave it alone to keep it layered (which I think is cooler). Serve with the remaining Guinness as a sidecar. Sláinte mhaith!

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