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Sanguine Cider: Potter's Craft

Over Easter weekend, we were out with our friends at Potter's Craft Cider in Charlottesville mixing up cider Bloody Marys (sanguine ciders, for those in the know). We served them from the demo stage of the VA Food & Beverage Expo a few week's earlier, and we wanted to share the recipe with y'all, too.

See? That's me, doing a cocktail demo at 9:30am! Like you do.

It's bright, fruity, bubbly, and spicy, all at once. It's lighter than a vodka Bloody Mary; boozier than a mimosa; and basically, it's what you want to be drinking on a sunny Spring afternoon.


1 part dry Junmai sake

2 parts Bloody Blue Ridge

3 parts dry cider, like the Petite Cider from Potter's Craft Cider

Fresh lime for garnish


Stir together sake and Bloody Blue Ridge in a mixing glass over ice until chilled. Strain into your glass of choice, and top with cold cider. Stir before serving, and garnish with fresh lime.

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