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  • Will Gray

The Derby Day After

The race lasted 2:01.02. A two minute event, however, does not comport with quantity of bourbon that appears to have been consumed. Nor this morning's headache. Surely someone else is to blame for both.

If you got a little too far into the Medina Spirit yesterday, we're here for you with a cocktail that'll clean out some of those Derby Day leftovers and get you back in the saddle.


Crushed ice

3 stems fresh mint, leaves removed, plus 1 or 2 intact stems for garnish

2 strawberries, sliced, plus 1 berry for garnish (we have some beauties from Mount Olympus Berry Farm)

0.5 oz orange liqueur (we're pouring Vitae Spirits)

1.5 oz dark rum (Virago Spirits is perfect)


Pack your glass three quarters full of crushed ice and set it in the freezer. If this is too triggering, you can use regular ice instead, but the whole Bloody Mary slushy vibe is going to make you feel better, promise.

Put two good scoops of crushed ice into a cocktail shaker. Add the two sliced strawberries, the mint leaves, and the orange liqueur. Muddle the mixture against the side of the shaker until the all of the ice is melted and the strawberries are good 'n' smashed.* Into the same shaker, add the dark rum and the Blue Ridge. Stir well to combine, then strain into your chilled glass.

To garnish, place your mint stems in the palm of your hand and give 'em a gentle smack, as though punishing them for their role in the stupid decisions you made last night. This'll get those minty aromatics flowing. Tuck the mint stem-side down into the crushed ice like a flag, and either skewer the strawberry on a cocktail pick or just nest it on top.

Feel better, champ!

*If you didn't use crushed ice, add 1 oz cold water before muddling.

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